It’s a BOY 🍼👶🏻💕

The thing about pregnancy that no one really talks about is all the waiting. Initially, you have to wait to find out if you are even pregnant and it’s only followed up by more “waiting” for a doctor to confirm it’s a viable pregnancy. In the meantime, everything you read tells you not to get excited and not to tell anyone until it’s been a solid 3 months. Maybe I’m extraordinarily impatient, but this was an extremely difficult rule for me to follow and I ended up announcing it on social media at 11 weeks instead of the recommended 12, much to the judgment of my mother.

The most grueling wait, however, is finding out the gender. Reading online forums would lead you to believe that you can find out as early as 13 weeks, but most doctors really won’t tell you until your 18-20 week anatomy scan, so don’t get your hopes up like we did. Also, don’t try and pressure the nurse at your 13 week NT scan to tell you earlier like we did (you will absolutely be shamed for caring about something other than the health of your baby).

So, as you can imagine, by the time our 20 week appointment rolled around, we weren’t even considering holding out for a gender reveal party. Family members were disappointed, but the thought of waiting even a couple days longer and finding out with everyone else seemed insane. The nurse confirmed we were having a BOY, as everyone and their mother had predicted since day one (apparently I just “seem like a boy mom”), and this meant we could finally start buying him things!!

My family ended up throwing us a small party to celebrate and it was perfect. Maybe with our second pregnancy we can hold out and have a gender reveal party, since we won’t be as anxious. I’m not holding my breath though. 😉

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